Citizen Watch Parts 509-00020, -00098, -00120, -00128, -00182, -2078

Band to Case Pins Part # 509-2078
  • Compatibility

    This item fits the following timepiece(s): 6100-R00391, 4-R08911, 4-R07345, 4-R07591, 4-R12543, 4-S023009, 4-R10770, 59-R0012, 1100-R12535, R00405, 4-R07353, 4-R07604, 4-S023017, 59-R0011, C50031, AN0014-58A, AN0014-58B, AN0014-58L, 59-15099, 4-Q00192, H03299, AN5000-12A, JN0004-27E, H25713, H25730, BJ6090-04H, BJ6090-04K, BM8000-07H, S033845, BW0170-08A, BW0170-08E, 59-E0781LS, E100-H25721, E100-H25748, BJ6092-09P, BM8002-01A, BM8002-01P, 59-E0782, E80079, E80052, Q00061, Q00079, JN0005-08L, JN0005-08W, JN0006-05W, JQ2004-01A, JQ2004-01L, JQ2005-01E, JQ2005-08E, JQ2006-01W, JQ2006-05W, 59-L7381, 1012-s020824, 4-S053072, BH1370-51A, BH1370-51E, BH1370-51L, BH1370-60E, BH1370-60F, BH1379-57E, 59-S01374, 1012-s020832, BH1372-56A, BH1372-56EBH1372-56P, 59-S01375, 2510-S020859, BK2284-54H, 59-S01378, 2500-s029198, BK4050-54E, BK4050-54F, 59-S01943, E101-S053439, BM8434-58A, 59-S03386, 8355-S075602, AG0160-02E, AG0160-02H, 59-S52338, H500-S015600, AT0120-02L, AT0127-03L, AT0121-00L, H500-S015600, AT0120-37A, H500-S015600, AT0120-11E, AT0120-29E, H500-S015600, AT0121-26A, AT0127-11A, H500-S015600, AT0120-45A, 59-S50328, BJ6092-09P, E030M-H25748, BM8002-01A, E100M-H25721, E101M-H25721, 59-E0782,  4-Q00869, 4-Q01521, 4-Q01725, 4-S037778, JN0040-07L, JN0041-04L, JN0041-04X, 59-E0497L, 4-H06026, AQ0021-37L, AQ0021-37M, 59-E0527, 4-Q00958, JQ8010-30L, 59-E0581,  4-H25713, 4-H25730, BJ6090-04H, BJ6090-04K, BM8000-07H, 59-E0781, 4-H25713, 4-H25730, BJ6090-04H, BJ6090-04K, BM8000-07H, 59-E0782L,  4-Q02438, JG2060-06E, JG2060-06L, 59-E0888, 4-572157, AP5015-39E, 59-E0025,  4-Q00168, 4-Q00176, JQ7000-04A, JQ7000-04E, JQ7000-04L, JQ7004-03A, JQ7004-03E, JQ7004-03L, 59-G0009,  4-Q00681, 4-Q00931, 4-Q00958, 4-Q00966, JQ0010-17E, JQ7020-07A, JQ7020-07E, JQ7020-07L, JQ7030-03A, JQ7030-03E, JQ7030-03L, JQ8010-05E, JQ8014-04E, 59-G0074, 4-S054044, 4-S63707, 4-S63715, 4-S64568, 4-S64576,  MC6000-00E, MC6000-00F, MC6001-07E, MC6004-09E, MC6004-09F, MC6005-06E, MC7000-04A, MC7000-04E, MC7000-04F, MC7001-01E, MC7001-04E, MC7004-03E, MC7004-03F, MC7005-01E, MC7020-07E, 59-77335, 4-S55615, JL6115-26A, JL6115-26E, JL6115-26N, JL6115-26W, 59-76707, 4-S64657, AI3360-39E, 59-77330, 4-Q00869, 4-S037778, 4-S037808, JN0041-12L, 59-S50233, 4-Q01521, 4-Q00869, 4-S037778, 4-Q01725, JN0040-07L, JN0041-04L, JN0041-04X, 4-Q01661, 4-S037786, JN0045-03L, 59-E0497, 4-H25713, 4-H25730, BJ6090-04H, BJ6090-04K, BM8000-07H, 4-H03299, 4-Q00192, AN5000-12A, JN0004-27E, 4-H22099, 4-H22111, AN0710-31A, AN0710-31E, AN0710-31L, BK0070-32A, BK0070-32L, 59-E0207, 59-E0663, 4-S027861, BK1414-56A, BK1414-56P, BK1414-56R, 4-S027861, 4-S99396, BK1414-56A, BK1414-56P, 59-S05272,   59-E0497LS,  4-S047412, BK3830-51A, BK3830-69A, 59-S05358, 4-H25721, BM8002-01H, 59-E0783, AW0040-01E, 4-S099447, 59-S53284, AW0040-19X, 4-S099447, 59-S53285,  4-S090130, BF0614-90A, 59-S05570 , 59-BF0614-90A, 4-S090083, BF0610-91A, 59-BF0610-91A, 59-S05568, 4-S090091, 59-BF0612-95A, 59-S05569, FB1348-50E, 4-S085845, 59-S05310, AN4039-55E, 4-S057230, 59-S03644, AN0033-53E, 4-C50073, 59-21246, AN0033-53L, BF0090-56B, 4-R15232, 59-R0818, BF0090-56F, EO1142-57D, 4-S095719, 59-S05496, FB1362-59P, 4-S089158, B1362-59P, 4-S095506, EO1143-54E, 4-S095735, 59-S05974, FB1410-58A, 4-S099285, 59-S06222, AW1461-58H, 4-S098521,  4-Q00192, H03299, AN5000-12A, JN0004-27E, H25713, H25730, BJ6090-04H, BJ6090-04K, BM8000-07H, S033845, BW0170-08A, BW0170-08E, 59-S50988, G870-S043361, G870-S066905, S066913, AR3000-00F, AR3020-02E, AR3025-09E, 59-S51265, 1012-S020832, BH1372-05A, 59-S51575, B690-S058546, BV1002-03X, 59-S51746, S060931, AU1035-08E, 59-S51841, 4-S070929, AU1040-08E, 59-S52215, 4-S070937, AU1043-00E, 59-S52216, s058031, bm8454-93a,  4-R002759, BH1530-06E, BH1530-06H, BH1537-07E, 59-R50043,  4-S056039, BF0574-92P, 59-S03582,  BM8352-93P, 4-S030633, 59-S02052, 59-S52137, 4-H27350, 4-H27368, 4-T003460, 4-T003478, 5706-71-01, 57-0672, 5706-81-01, 57-0685, AG6160-00E, AG6170-06P, AG6200-07P, AG6210-03E, 59-E0835L, 4-H27350, 4-H27368, 4-H31993, 4-H32132, 4-T001432, 4-T003460, 4-T003478, 4-T003486, 4-T006256, 5706-71-01, 57-0672, 5706-81-01, 5706-82-01, 5706-83-01, 57-0684, 57-0685, 57-0686, AG6160-00E, AG6170-06P, AG6190-09L, AG6210-03E, AG6220-00A, 59-E0840L, 4-H30881, 4-H30890, 4-T003508, 4-T003516, 5707-41-01, 57-0742, 5707-51-01, 57-0752, AA7730-06L, AA7740-02L, AO1010-06L, AO1020-02L, 59-E0990L, 4-H30881,  4-H30890,  4-T003508,  4-T003516,  4-T004474,  4-T006248,  57-0742,  57-0752,  57-0881,  5707-41-01,  5707-51-01,  AA7730-06L,  AA7740-02L,  AH4000-01X,  AO1010-06L,  AO1020-02L, 59-E0991L, 4-H32132, 4-T003486, 57-0686, 5706-82-01, AG6220-00A, 59-E1026L, BM8350-99A, 4-S030625, 59-S02051, 4-T003460, 4-T003478, 4-T003486, AG6200-07P, AG6210-03E, AG6220-00A, 59-T50539, 59-T50539L, 4-T004474, 4-T006248, 57-0881, AH4000-01X, 59-T50152L, 4-T005667, 4-T011951, 57-0892, AH7000-12A, 59-T50230L, 4-T008186, 4-T008500, 57-0895, AH7011-32E, 59-T50325L, 4-T006248, 4-T015492, AH4000-01X, AH7050-06W, 59-T50542L, 4-T005659, 4-T011942, 57-0901, AH4000-01P, AH7000-04A, 59-T50229L, 4-T003508, 4-T005667, 4-T011951, 57-0892, AH7000-12A, AH7040-00H, AO1010-06L, 59-T50549L, 4-T008500,  AH7011-32E, 59-T50550L, 4-T005659, 4-T011942, 57-0901, AH4000-01P, AH7000-04A, 59-T50543L, 4-S056039, BF0574-92P, 59-S03582, H500-S015600, AT0120-45A,  4-S061521, BV1030-08A, 59-S0385 , 59-S51863, JL3004-07E, JL3004-07X, JL3005-04E, JL3006-01E, JL3006-01X, JM3064-09A, JM3064-09E, JM3064-09L, JL3054-09L, JL3054-09A, JL3054-09E, JN7004-02W, JN7004-02E, JN7004-02A, JQ0004-01E, JQ0004-01A, JQ5004-04E, JQ5004-04A, JN7000-03E, JQ8010-13E, 4-089260, 4-089278, 4-089286, 4-E80168, 4-E80176, 4-E80346, 4-E80371, 4-E80389, 4-E80435, 4-Q00958, 59-L7145, 4-S033845, BW0170-08A, BW0170-08E, 4-S015570, BM8240-03E, BM8240-11A, H500-S015600, AT0120-45A,  4-S061521, BV1030-08A, 59-S50385, 59-S51863, 4-Q01113, 4-Q00214, 4-E80044, 4-E80044, 4-Q00842, 4-Q01717, 1100-11-11, JN0040-58L, JN0004-78E, JN0004-51E, JN0004-51A, 6520-71-11, 6521-11-11, 59-15176, 4-S086701, CA0515-02L, 59-S52758, 4-S080118, BN0095-16E, 59-S52759, E101-K005841, 4-S056551, 4-K002559, 59-K00128, E100-K003083, 4-K002842, 4-S056527, 59-K00200, E101-S056535, 4-K003091, 59-K00230, E101-K006899, BM8424-51L, 59-K00500, BM8290-05E, E101-K004438, 59-K50102, B876-S005213, 59-S00012, BN0090-52E, BN0094-51L, CA0510-57E, S080100, S089379, S086698, 59-S05331, 4-S080100, BN0090-01E, 59-S52501, 59-S52814, E168-S080118, BN0095-08A, BN0095-08E, 59-S52502, E168-S080126, BN0097-02H, 59-S52503, E168-S080126, S086132, BN0097-11E, CA0517-07E, 59-S52504, BM8420-52A, 4-K006881,


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